120 – Teaching Very Young Learners

Course Description:

This course aims to stimulate and support the development of very young learners and covers activities such as crafts, games, stories and songs and ways to make learning opportunities from play. Teaching very young learners is a challenging task at the best of times, especially if you are teaching in a foreign language. There are no shortcuts to an energized, engaged class, but there are many things that the teacher can do to make the learning experience better for this age group.

Participants of this course will look at the different stages in learning and development of very young learners. Within an age range, there may be many similarities in what children can do and enjoy doing, but also there are individual differences. The participants will analyse what is suitable for different ages and also learn about and practice a variety of activities to stimulate and support the learners development.









Requirements for a Certificate:

Minimum attendance requirement is 75% of course events.

Assessed portfolio work for practical tasks like group and individual planning, observation, demonstration, micro-teaching, discussion and feedback sessions.

1000-word end of course Reflective Essay.





120 – Course Outline:

120.01 – needs and abilities of this age group

120.02 – creating the right conditions for learning – classroom design

120.03 – behaviour management – setting up classroom rules

120.04 – teacher language – encouraging very young learners

120.05 – developing a classroom incentive scheme

120.06 – keeping very young learners’ attention

120.07 – maintaining order – classroom management

120.08 – how to deal with difficult situations – naughtiness

120.09 – planning different tasks and activities

120.10 – incorporating content – using the right materials

120.11 – how to make stories come alive

120.12 – making use of apps and the interactive whiteboard