420 – Proficiency in CLIL in Primary Science

Course Description:

The course is primarily designed for teachers who have successfully completed the introduction course. It is based on project-like sessions when participants make primary lesson plans for the year in groups, present their ideas and deliver small sections of their plans.

Throughout the course, there will be a progression from trainer-led tasks to project-like sessions, where participants present their ideas and deliver small sections of their plans. In addition, there will be a move from whole group sessions to working in groups based on school subjects and later even these will be broken up into pairs/threes to allow participants to work with primary course books, which are relevant for them.



410 CTS in Introduction to CLIL in Primary Science





Requirements for a Certificate:

Minimum attendance requirement is 75% of course events.

Assessed portfolio work for practical tasks like group and individual planning, observation, demonstration, micro-teaching, discussion and feedback sessions.

1000-word end of course Reflective Essay.





Course Outline:

420.01 – Group Building – Teacher Roles and Attitudes

420.02 – Recap of CLIL Primary instruction

420.03 – Planning the Year and Lessons

420.04 – Video Lesson Analysis – teacher perspective

420.05 – How to Exploit Videos – How to work with a Text

420.06 – Learner Styles – Learner Autonomy

420.07 – Project Work in Primary CLIL Classroom

420.08 – 1st Project Work – Mapping the Course Book

420.09 – The Importance of Supplementing

420.10 – Video Lesson Analysis – student perspective

420.11 – 2nd Project Work – Unit Lesson Planning

420.12 – Ways to Measure and Assess Learning