730 – Leadership & Management

Course Description:

Were you promoted from classroom teaching to administration without any training? Or would you like to polish up your management skills? This course is designed as the first part of a Leadership and Management module.

This course helps the participants manage difficult situations they confront at their schools by giving them new approaches and showing ways of how to make managing a school a rewarding experience.



The main aims of the course are to:

raise the participants’ awareness of their institutional cultures in a 21st century, global context

make the participants see their own and institutional strengths and weaknesses as well as potentials

improve participants’ management skills

make them aware of the different types of leadership provide opportunities for participants

learn from each others’ experiences

develop leadership skills for a rapidly changing world

all with the ultimate aim of providing better quality education to pupils and satisfying stakeholder demands.

Requirements for a Certificate:

Minimum attendance requirement is 75% of course events.

Assessed portfolio work for practical tasks like group and individual planning, observation, demonstration, micro-teaching, discussion and feedback sessions.

1000-word end of course Reflective Essay.


The course is practice-driven and adopts the ‘learning by doing’ approach. It involves participants in experiencing and reflecting on various situations that make managing effective. It also provides hands-on opportunities for participants to plan and demonstrate some management skills in pairs or small groups and to give feedback to each other.  Case studies will frequently be used to stimulate discussion.

The course intends to give participants insight into educational contexts – stakeholders’ expectations, characteristics of effective schools, shifts in pedagogy, leadership styles and practice in the skills needed for educational management. At the end of the course each participant will formulate an action plan in relation to the input topics.

Course Outline:

730.01 – Institutional cultures in a 21st century, global context

730.02 – Institutional strengths, weaknesses and potentials

730.03 – Improving management skills for a rapidly changing world

730.04 – Different types of leadership

730.05 – Learning from each other’s experiences

730.06 – How to listen and communicate effectively

730.07 – Behaviour management – body language

730.08 – Emotional intelligence

730.09 – Planning and conducting meetings

730.10 – Effective communication at work

730.11 – Coaching and mentoring skills

730.12 – Managing conflict, change and time