740 – Essentials of Teacher Training

Course Description:

This course is designed for those new to training and aims to enable them to make an effective contribution to the training and development of others. It will give participant trainers the basic skills and knowledge and specialist skills of identifying training needs, training design, training facilitation and training evaluation.

The course is ideal for people who are new to training or people who have found themselves carrying out training with no or little previous development in teacher training.








Requirements for a Certificate:

Minimum attendance requirement is 75% of course events.

Assessed portfolio work for practical tasks like group and individual planning, observation, demonstration, micro-teaching, discussion and feedback sessions.

1000-word end of course Reflective Essay.





Course Outline:

740.01 – Team Building activities for an energized training

740.02 – Designing your Training Environment

740.03 – Creating Learning Objectives

740.04 – Choosing Training Methods

740.05 – Types of Trainers – Identifying your Training Style

740.06 – Developing Lesson Plans

740.07 – Questioning and Listening Skills

740.08 – Communication and Presentation Skills

740.09 – Supporting Materials and Visual Aids

740.10 – Encouraging Participation in Training

740.11 – Giving constructive Peer to Peer Feedback

740.12 – Managing Conflict in Training