840 – Academic Presentation Skills

Course Description:

This course is designed for experienced educators interested in giving local and international seminars and workshops. It aims to explore how to conduct seminars and helps participants to develop effective communication and language skills in order to plan and deliver successful presentations.

The participants will discover how to craft presentations around essential objectives, present key concepts and ideas. The course also gives an opportunity to deliver a workshop presentation to a group of teachers and to receive constructive feedback on polishing and mastering presentation delivery.






The main aims of the course are to:

Develop a unique individual delivery style

Understand what happens in front of an audience

Practice a whole range of presentation techniques

Learn the hints and tips for an effective presentation

Stretch your capacity to present with style and presence

Effective use of hard and soft support materials


Requirements for a Certificate:

Minimum attendance requirement is 75% of course events.

Assessed portfolio work for practical tasks like group and individual planning, observation, demonstration, micro-teaching, discussion and feedback sessions.

1000-word end of course Reflective Essay.





Course Outline:

840.01 – Purpose and features of information and persuasion presentations

840.02 – Following the basic academic presentation pattern

840.03 – Developing an outline for an academic presentation

840.04 – The difference between a sequencer and a transition

840.05 – Using data-processing software to create charts or graphs

840.06 – Using presentation software to create a presentation

840.07 – Preparing proper note cards for effective pace control

840.08 – Using the four types of gestures effectively

840.09 – Maintain confidence and handling nerves

840.10 – Rehearsal and Memory Tricks to feel totally prepared

840.11 – Creating a one-page presentation handout

840.12 – Citing sources within a presentation