What are the specific domains of teaching?

Global CPD is committed to observing and assessing specific domains of teaching. These include

  • Planning and Preparation: knowledge of content and pedagogy, knowledge of each student as an individual learner, setting of teaching aims for different student profiles, demonstrating knowledge of resources available for meeting those aims, designing coherent activity cycles, formative assessment of learning.
  • Classroom Management: creating a learning environment of respect and rapport, creating a culture of learning, motivating students to try hard, managing student behavior, encouraging good values through example, managing classroom procedures and organising the physical space in the classroom.
  • Teaching Methods: Communicating learning aims and instructions effectively to students, using quality questioning and discussion techniques, using teacher-led and student-centered stages with ease, engaging all the students in the class, maximizing student time-on-task, allowing students to guide the learning process, monitoring and giving effective feedback to students about their learning and adjusting the lesson according to the needs of the students in real time.
  • Language Use: Appropriacy, accuracy and fluency of teacher’s English in the classroom and the English used in materials or tests.
  • Professional Responsibilities: Being organized, planning lessons, being proactive, showing a positive attitude, reflecting on own teaching, supporting and communicating with partner teachers, communicating with families, taking responsibility for own professional development.
  • Complementary Skills: Computer literacy, digital literacy, IWB skills, reading aloud, drama, storytelling, etc. The need for complimentary skills develops out of an awareness of what extra skills each teacher needs.

While observing and assessing these components of effective teaching, our fundamental aim of maximizing student learning will always be at the forefront.